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Guide for Experts with Participant role in AGM

- Log in with 2-factor authentication

You received an AGM invitation and clicked on Accept or decline.


To access AGM, use your personal EU LOGIN account that is related to your personal mailbox. If you don't have an EU LOGIN account, go to EU-Login and follow the instructions there.

Logging in to AGM requires 2-factor authentication and you need to set up your EU-Login account accordingly.

We recommend to

  • configure your EU-Login account for SMS verification (if you use AGM only occasionally) or
  • use the EU-Login app (if you use AGM more frequently or have issues with the SMS verification). The video below explains how to use the EU-Login app.

Remember, for AGM, your EU-Login account ID is your identity.

The video below explains how to reconcile (link) an e-id with your EU-Login account. To do so has the advantage that you always find your meeting data, no matter whether you use your e-ID or normal EU-Login ID.

Check this description for all options.

If your email address changes, update it in your EU-Login account (Don't create a new EU-Login account for the new email address. It would have a different account ID and you would not find your meeting data). The steps are explained below.

- Change e-mail address in EU LOGIN account

Open the link:


Once successfully authenticated, move the mouse over the gear at the top right corner to display the menu and select My Account.


Click on Configure my account:


Enter the new email address and click on Submit.

You will receive a message starting with Your account has been successfully updated.


At the same time an email will be delivered to the address you entered requesting you to confirm the change by clicking on the link called "this link":


Once you click on the link you are redirected to the EU Login site, as confirmation you will get a message with the title E-mail change validation.


You can double check if the change was successful by clicking on My Account and going into My Account Details.