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Invited candidates

The invitation to an interview or medical examination referred you to this page. You can find here information on the steps you should take.






Page contents

  1. Candidate invitation
  2. Prepare expenses claim
  3. Verify legal entity
  4. Verify bank account
  5. Enter travel details
  6. Enter expenses
  7. Submit expenses claim

1. Candidate invitation

Invitations to interviews or medical examinations are sent to your email address in the form of AGM notifications.

notification example

Read the invitation and click Accept or decline on desktop.

To access AGM, use your EU LOGIN account. If you don't have an EU LOGIN account, create one on the EU-Login page.

Logging in to AGM requires 2-factor authentication and you need to set up your EU-Login account accordingly. We recommend to configure your EU-Login account for SMS verification, but there are several other options.

Always use the same method to log in to AGM. Remember that, for AGM, your accound ID is your identity.

AGM will send important information to the email address you specified in your EU LOGIN account. If you need to update your email address, update it in your EU-Login account (don't create a new EU-Login account for the new email address).


After authenticating with your EU-Login account, you’ll be asked to link the meeting to your user profile.

Click the check boxes.

Click  Activate my profile  

User profile activation

The meeting invitation appears. You can now read it, view any attachments and confirm your attendance. Click Yes to confirm your attendance

 meeting invitation

2. Prepare expenses claim

You have received an AGM notification informing you that you are entitled to claim expenses. You can prepare your claim by entering your bank details even before the meeting. But before you do this, read the rules regarding travel expenses reimbursement.

notification claim expenses

Click the button Enter your bank details. This link takes you to the Bank details section of your claim in the AGM front office.

Enter bank details

It is possible that you can simply select bank details if you entered them on a previous occasion in the EC system. If this is not the case, scroll to the bottom of the page and click +Add new Bank details.

Add new bank details

3. Verify legal entity

If you’ve already defined a legal entity in the EU accounting system, please search with the information you used at the time. You should run this search/verification check even if you know that you don’t yet have a legal entity in the system. Only after verification fails you will be able to create a legal entity in the EC-system. Results are displayed with the last four digits of the ID that you provided. If you can identify your entry, please select the  radio button before the family name and click Confirm selection.

personal identification

If you found your legal entity, scroll down to the step Verify bank account.

You can refine your search and click Verify again. If there are no matches, click Create a new legal entity (You can do this not only to create a new legal entity, but also if you think that you already have a legal entity, but can’t find it in the verification step. When creating the legal entity, the system will still try to match the information you enter to existing legal entities).

new legal entity
National identification

Not for all countries a national identification number is required. Also not all countries accept driving licences as a valid form of ID. If your country is excluded, you’ll get an error when you enter a number in these fields.

For Portugal, enter your Portuguese ID card number (8 digits) without the document number (4 characters) in the National identification number field. Alternatively, enter the Portuguese ID number together with the document number in the Identity card number field  (12 characters in total). You can also enter your ID card number without document number in the National identification number field and then enter your passport number in the Passport number field.

For some countries, no national identification number is required (e.g. USA, Germany) and you can leave the national identification fields empty. 

Identification information

Enter one type of ID plus country. To do so, click into the field Identity document type, select on of the ID types and click Add.

Identification information

Scan and upload the ID document (if possible both sides). Click Create after filling in the required details.

If you indicate that you’re self-employed in the Business data section, an additional menu appears. Fill in either the registration number or the VAT number, then upload the supporting document. Click Create after filling in all obligatory fields.

Business data

4. Verify bank account

Select your country in the Verify bank account section.

Verify bank account

Fill in the name of the account holder and the account number/IBAN, then click Verify.

Verify bank account

In the Add new bank details section, click Confirm if your account is already in the EC system.

Found entry

If the bank account is not yet registered in the EC-system, click Create new bank account.

Create new bank account

Fill in the form and upload a recent bank statement (less than 6 month old). Click Create to create an entry of this bank account in the EC system.

 create an entry for bank account

Back in your bank account list press Select in order to select the bank account for this meeting. 


Click Confirm in the pop up window.


A blue banner is displayed to inform you that you’ve submitted your bank account for validation.

blue banner

 You can’t modify the bank account while it’s being validated.

The validators may ask you to change something in the details you submitted. In that case you will receive an AGM notification.

5. Enter travel details

Click the Travel Details icon.

 Travel Details icon

Fill in all the information about your trip.

Describe special circumstances in the Comments field. This could be for example, that you are claiming for 2 adjacent meetings, Then click Save and continue: Expenses.

Save and continue

6. Enter expenses

Before creating your claim, please check the reimbursement rules for candidates.

Click on the Expenses tab. It is possible that not all expense types shown below are available for your meeting. We will show the steps for the types train, airplane and accommodation.

Click Add expenses and select an expenses type. Even if you are entitled to a daily allowance, you can’t manually add the Daily allowance in the expenses category. This value is added automatically based on the number of days the meeting lasts.


Add expenses

Click on Train in the Add expenses pull down menu.



  • Enter the ticket price and select the currency.
  • Select the document type.
  • Upload the supporting documents. 
  • If nothing happens after selecting the document type and clicking Upload, ensure that your browser does not block pop-ups.
  • Click OK.
document type

Click on Airplane in the Add expenses pull down menu.


Enter the ticket price and select the currency.

  • Select the document type.
  • Click Upload.
  • If nothing happens after selecting the document type and clicking Upload, ensure that your browser does not block pop-ups.
  • Click OK.
upload the supporting documents

Click on Accommodation in the Add expenses pull down menu.

  • You first need to enter the number of nights.
  • Select the document type.
  • upload supporting documents such as the hotel bill (only non-editable attachments are allowed: PDF, JPG, PNG, TIF, TIFF, BMP and GIF, and you should provide at least one supporting document for each expenses claim)
  • If nothing happens after selecting the document type and clicking Upload, ensure that your browser does not block pop-ups.
  • Click OK.

7. Submit expenses claim

Prerequisites before you can submit your expenses claim are:

1. The meeting has taken place and you’ve received the notification that you can now submit your expenses claim in AGM

confirmed attendance notification

2. You've introduced the bank account and legal entity details that you want to use for processing the claim and these have been validated.

3. You filled in the travel details and specified applicable cost types as described above.

4. After the meeting has been closed in AGM you have 30 days to submit this claim. If you need more time, ask your HR contact to extend the submission time. If you do not have this contact, check with the AGM Support. The maximal submission time is 90 days.

Click the Summary icon. 

Summary icon

Then scroll down and click Submit expenses claim.

click summary icon

To finalise your claim, select the check box of the pop up window and again click Submit expenses claim.

declaration of honour

Your expenses claim is now submitted for validation and payment processing.

If our financial staff has questions or request changes, they will contact you through an AGM notification email.

notification correct claim

Clicking on the button Correct expenses claim will bring you (after authentication with the previously used EU-Login account) to your claim.

After the claim has been paid you can download a summary document in pdf format.