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Guide for users with Watcher role in AGM



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Watcher role

Invitations for meetings organised in the European institutions are sent to various members of different committees or expert groups.

There are various types of invitations. One of them is the invitation to act as a Watcher in AGM.

A Watcher is a recipient of an invitation that must be informed of the meeting but is not expected to attend the meeting (e.g. permanent representations of Member States).

In AGM, the person taking on this Watcher role can access information about the meeting and its delegation but cannot perform any actions.

Log in to AGM

To access AGM, use your EU LOGIN account. If you don't have an EU LOGIN account, watch the video below.

We recommend to use the browsers Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for AGM.

  Logging in to AGM requires 2-factor authentication

We recommend to

  • configure your EU-Login account for SMS verification (if you use AGM only occasionally)
  • use the EU-Login app (if you use AGM more frequently or have issues with the SMS verification).

Check this description of all your options

Always use the same method to log in to AGM. For AGM, your accound ID is your identity.

AGM will send important information to the email address you specified in your EU LOGIN account.

Always use the same EU-Login account id to log on to AGM. Like this, you can see all meetings in one profile.

Activate access as a Watcher

You’ll receive an email containing the invitation (see screenshot below), the meeting agenda and other information about the meeting from the meeting organiser.

The email also contains a link to AGM granting you access as a Watcher for the delegation.

Click Confirm to activate your role.

 Be careful who you share this invitation with – it grants anybody access as Watcher.